Yvonne Jegede blasts bloggers over post on alleged marriage to Ned Nwoko

February 14th, 2024 10:23 pm

Yvonne Jegede blasts bloggers over post on alleged marriage to Ned Nwoko

Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede has responded to rumors that she secretly wed Regina Daniels’ husband, Senator Ned Nwoko.

Online rumors claimed that following the covert wedding, Yvonne removed every image from her Instagram page.

The actress, however, refuted the report in a post on Friday and said that the writer only wanted to damage her reputation.

She cautioned Nigerians not to take whatever they read online at face value.

“When many people tell you they know’something’ is happening or believe something has happened, you ask them how they got to know, they tell you they read or heard it from the Internet,” she wrote with a picture of the fake nuptials. They frequently heard it from moron dummies like the one making this dishonest and deceptive post.

“How could you be so brazen about lying? How do you feel comfortable lying?

“How can you purposefully harm people’s reputations and sabotage relationships just to draw readers to your blogs?

“This humorous message is deceptive and dishonest in every way. I won’t waste my energy on a quarrel with you. Your destiny is already being dealt with by Karma because if you have one, you won’t be overly concerned with other people’s life while your own is in tatters.

“How does taking off my images from my page emit anything? I suppose I should give you a foul smack for having the audacity to bring up my son.

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