Why we executed 45 rural electrification projects in Benue – Gov Ortom

February 16th, 2024 3:19 am

Why we executed 45 rural electrification projects in Benue – Gov Ortom

Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom claims that his administration has completed no fewer than 45 rural electrification projects.

The projects that were carried out in various towns throughout the state, according to the governor, were intended to increase socioeconomic activity.

This was said by Governor Ortom on Monday when he opened a rural electrification project in the Kohov, Shangev-Ya community of Kpengwa in the Kwande Local Government Council.

The governor stated that his administration has made significant strides in rural development, particularly in the delivery of power to boost economic activity and give rural residents fresh hope.

He said that before his government ended in a few days, he had ordered his Commissioners from the relevant areas to commission the projects.

According to Governor Ortom, he will carry out his duties for the state’s citizens till his term is out.

He continued by saying that by hiring additional instructors, the state’s teaching service will be strengthened and the open positions filled.

Hon. Orjiir Gbande, the chairman of the Kwande Local Government Council, and a native of the region, Chief Emmanuel Viashima, thanked the governor for carrying out the project and said it had improved life for the locals.

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