Why I struggled to connect with Blaqboi – Ex-BBTitans star, Ipeleng

February 21st, 2024 5:47 am

Why I struggled to connect with Blaqboi – Ex-BBTitans star, Ipeleng

Ipeleng Selepe, an ex-Big Brother Titans housemate, has disclosed that she found it difficult to bond with her Nigerian companion Blaqboi due of their many disparities.

However, she claimed that their friendship within the home was “not so bad.”

She recently made this claim when appearing with Marvin and Mmeli on TVC’s program, eSplash.

Ipeleng answered when asked about Blaqboi, “I don’t know. I believe he is doing okay. Yes, since leaving the BBTitan house, we have seen. On the eve of the AMVCA, I ran into him.

“I often remark that [in the home] we struggled to actually connect. I’m not sure if it was because of our differences as humans…But I believe our relationship was strained. Blaqboi was a huge assistance to me. For me, he was there. I believe that many people saw our alliance as a bigger threat.

When asked why she chose Ebubu to advance automatically to the finals rather than her companion Blaqboi after winning the ultimate veto power, Ipeleng responded, “People could consider it as that [a betrayal], but I think so. I simply wanted to reach the point where people would respect me for the choice I made. Despite the fact that I was in a partnership and previous relationships, I can still clearly recall entering the Big Brother diary section and being asked, “Who would you like to go to the finale with?” I then yelled, “Blaqboi, my partner.” After that, I went, and Ebubu just spontaneously came out of my mouth.


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