Why am not vocal about politics in Nigeria – Wizkid

February 23rd, 2024 5:01 am

Why am not vocal about politics in Nigeria – Wizkid

Wizkid, a Grammy-winning musician, has explained why he avoids making political statements in both his songs and interviews.
He claims that the general populace of Nigeria is uninterested in politics and is simply concerned with how to get by.

In a recent interview with the Evening Standard UK, Wizkid made the claim.

I don’t want to talk about Nigerian politicians, he declared. People on the streets are concerned with themselves and their next meal. They could care less about anything else.

The singer of “Ojuelegba” also expressed his desire to lead the upcoming generation of Nigerian singers.

He stressed that his intention is to “steer the new generation forward” and that he would not pass judgment on “previous generations.”

The 30-year-old expressed his hope for the upcoming generation of afrobeats musicians to succeed internationally and come together.

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