Treasury managers urged to promote sustainable economy, be good ambassadors

March 4th, 2024 8:06 am

Treasury managers urged to promote sustainable economy, be good ambassadors

The nation’s treasury managers have been instructed to represent the Chattered Institute of Treasury Management well.

At the 2nd recertification and induction program that took place in Abuja over the weekend, Mr. Ahmed Idris, President of CITM and a former Accountant General of the Federation, presented the induction address to new members.

Prof. Ahmed Imam, a representative of CITM’s president, exhorted the inductees in his speech to be steadfast, encouraging, and to promote the Institute’s interests in everything they do.

“Sustainable Treasury: A Catalyst Towards a Virile Economy” is the theme of the program.

“We are all representing an excellent cause; let’s show off our ability to be creative and positive role models.

Creating value for treasury management, institutionalizing preventive procedures, and fostering capability through scholarly endeavors, he claimed, were all firsts for CITM.

This, according to him, was done to protect the Treasury against fraud as well as the improper use and theft of money entrusted to fund managers.

A sustainable treasury, according to him, is still an idea that emphasizes the incorporation of social, environmental, and governance aspects into treasury operations.

He asserts that the goal is to promote long-term economic, social, and environmental sustainability and says that a company’s treasury function could be a key factor in generating positive economic change.

According to him, organizations should integrate their financial decision-making with more general sustainability goals by using sustainable treasury practices.

This entails taking into account the treasury operations’ effects on the environment and society, as well as the governance frameworks and moral issues related to financial activity.

Mr. Sali Musa, a government official from Bauchi working for the Finance Department in the Giade Local Government Area, described the induction as outstanding.

He said, “We have learned from the instruction of the institute, and going forward, the manner we manage our money will alter in regard

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