School was not my thing – David Alaba sister, Rose May opens up

April 13th, 2024 7:18 am

School was not my thing – David Alaba sister, Rose May opens up

Rose May, a singer who is Austrian-Nigerian and the sister of Real Madrid star David Alaba, has admitted that she didn’t enjoy school as a child.

She declared that “school was not her thing.”

In a recent interview with Joy Prime TV in Accra, Ghana, May stated that she had never considered pursuing a career in anything other than music.

“I never wanted to be a nurse or a doctor or something,” Rose May declared. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy school.

“I always want to put a lot of creativity into everything I do. My music videos always reflect my opinions. When it comes to my sense of style and everything else, I always have the final word. I therefore have a more creative aura than someone who works in an office. And I conclude that it’s not my thing.

The singer acknowledged that her musician father, George Alaba, had been a great help to her.

“I have a brother who is a well-known footballer, David Alaba,” May remarked, referring to her older brother as a “living legend.” To be honest, I always refer to him as a living legend. The reason is probably that I’m his sister and am so proud of him.

But because of all that he has accomplished at such a young age, he is actually a living legend. Yes, my brother is the GOAT.

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