NYSC DG lied on Enugu Governor-elect, Mbah certificate – PDP

February 14th, 2024 9:54 pm

NYSC DG lied on Enugu Governor-elect, Mbah certificate – PDP

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Director-General, Brig. Gen. Yusha’u Dogara Ahmed, said that he informed the candidate for governor of Enugu State, Dr. Peter Mbah, that his release certificate was not provided by the NYSC. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Enugu State, has refuted this assertion.

According to DAILY POST, Ahmed revealed this on Friday morning’s Arise TV program.

The PDP countered that his assertion was consistent with the agency’s conspiracy, misrepresentation of the facts, and dishonesty, all of which led to Mbah’s N20 billion lawsuit against the organization.

The DG claimed he would not want to comment on the topic because it was in court, yet he went on to deny knowledge of the lawsuit and ensuing court order and behave in blatant disobedience of the court, as was described as ironic in the same passage.

This was said at a press conference on Friday by Barr. Nana Ogbodo, the director of communications and spokeswoman for the Enugu State PDP Campaign Council for the 2023 general elections, in response to the NYSC DG’s earlier-in-the-day interview on Arise News.

The erroneous statement made by the NYSC DG, Brigadier-General Yushau’u Dogara Ahmed, on national television this morning should have caught us off guard. But he hasn’t said anything new because Mbah’s N20 billion lawsuit against the agency and Mr. Muhammad in the first place was necessary due to his statements being in line with the ongoing conspiracy, deceit, and willful misrepresentation of facts by the agency and Mr. Ibrahim Muhammad, its director of corps certification.

“The DG lied when he said that he informed Mbah that the NYSC had not issued his certificate during a meeting in his office. In actuality, he admitted to Mbah that the Director in question did not consult him or obtain his approval before sending the letter dated February 1, 2023 denying Dr.

When Mbah showed him the letter from the NYSC national headquarters dated May 7, 2003 (reference number NYSC/DHQ/CM/27/20) to the State Director, Lagos, NYSC, re-mobilizing him for the remainder of his service year after a break, by the express and written permission of the agency, to complete Bar Part II (Bar Final), he also expressed surprise.

The following is an excerpt from the re-mobilization letter: “I am requested to refer to your letter of April 24 with reference number LA/01/1532/T on the aforementioned subject and to request that you reinstate the corps member to finish his service year from where he left off, effective May 2003.

While his primary assignment, Udeh & Associates, Lagos, has not denied that it wrote the letter reabsorbing him to complete the remaining months of his service year and the final clearance letter to enable him to receive his NYSC discharge certificate at the end of his service, it is noteworthy that the Directors and staff present at the meeting did not deny that the NYSC authored the letter re-mobilizing Mbah.

“The DG genuinely assured Dr. Mbah that, despite having only been in charge for three months at the time, he would handle the situation quickly. The NYSC’s failure to officially answer to Mbah’s petition since February 2, 2023, however, is startling. Instead, the NYSC has issued instructions through its Director of Corps Certification.

The group questioned Mbah’s decision to forge a certificate after going through such arduous labor to serve his country, claiming it was illogical to even consider it.

It emphasized that the agency did not have the final say regarding whether Mbah’s NYSC certificate was authentic or not, and urged it to take the N20 billion lawsuit to court, where the agency would also have the right to call other relevant agencies involved in the production and authentication of NYSC certificates as witnesses.

“Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Company PLC prints NYSC discharge certificates. They have security measures like batch-specific serial numbers and watermarks. Therefore, we ask the NYSC to present any further certificates in the same certificate series as Mbah’s that have the same serial number as his.

“However, it is equally important to note that the statement by the NYSC DG, Brigadier-General Ahmed, is a clear violation of a valid interim court order sequel to suit number FHC/ABJ/09/611/2023, prohibiting the agency and its Director of Corps Certification from issuing, publishing, or continuing to publish any information, whether by themselves, their directors, officers, servants, legal representatives, counsel, or any other person or persons howsoever described and connected.

NYSC cannot be above the law of the land, the party said. “This should not be the way of a body established by law.”

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