Nollywood: Stop misleading viewers with unrealistic costumes – Kanayo O Kanayo

February 16th, 2024 4:32 am

Nollywood: Stop misleading viewers with unrealistic costumes – Kanayo O Kanayo

Veteran Nollywood performer Kanayo O. Kanayo has advised directors to avoid using deceptive costumes in their productions.

In a video posted on Instagram, the actor gave the industry advice to always dress a rich man in more casual attire rather than an agbada or traditional Senegal garb.

Kanayo noted that while most directors do not agree with movie costumes, wealthy people frequently wear agbada in movies while being recognized in real life by their pricey watches, shoes, and T-shirts.

His statement that “Many Nollywood Producers paint the wrong picture of costumes in movies all in the name of fine pictures” included criticism of how female characters slept wearing wigs and heavy makeup. It’s deceptive.

The truth is that a lot of practitioners still don’t understand how important it is for developing national development agendas to consider people’s traditions and cultures.

“The wealthy typically wear casual clothing. Many people are recognized by their fancy clothing, T-shirts, and wristwatches rather than by Agbada.

“How is it possible for a man to be sleeping in his home while dressed? How is it possible for a lady to cook while wearing full makeup? Most women wear wigs and apply facial foundation before going to sleep. Friends, let’s watch it together.

This is what the Afrobeat music industry has done. And suddenly they are being paid as if they have won the lottery. They can’t compete with Nollywood,” Kanayo said.

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