It is my calling to help young artists – Don Jazzy

April 15th, 2024 10:32 pm

It is my calling to help young artists – Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy, a well-known music entrepreneur and talent manager from Nigeria, has said that he is meant to create stars.

The CEO of Mavin claimed that he had a spiritual duty to generally assist people.

He revealed this to Fisayo Fosudo in a podcast interview.

My priorities have evolved throughout the years, Don Jazzy remarked. I primarily began as a musician, but as time went on, I began doing other things. Finding, fostering, and guiding young artists to become world-renowned artists, etc.

“However, I wouldn’t want to limit it to that right now. I feel like I’m simply creating the [Nigerian music] ecology overall right now. use the enormous brand I had established to just have an influence on people’s lives.

“I believe that assisting others in growing is my calling. I’m adamant that I know how to interact with people.

“When we first began [as musicians], we were a little disoriented for a time before finding our footing. In light of this, whenever I meet young artists, I think, “If this person doesn’t have like guidance before they get to a certain level, they might just be lost as well.” If we could get the process forward faster, that would be wonderful. If someone who has traveled this path before could… You may simply remark, “I haven’t driven on this road before,” to someone if you know where the potholes are. Follow this road instead of this one.

Follow those who are familiar with the way. You cannot be followed without a cause if the person who has already traveled there and is familiar with the route declines to show it to someone else. Therefore, I believe that everyone with information about how to live should share it.

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