I started music in church, wanted to be like Daddy Showkey – Don Jazzy

April 13th, 2024 7:46 am

I started music in church, wanted to be like Daddy Showkey – Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy, a seasoned producer and performer from Nigeria, has claimed that Daddy Showkey, a great artist, was his hero as a youngster in Ajegunle, Lagos.

He claimed that Daddy Showkey and Baba Fryo served as his musical inspirations.

Don Jazzy claimed that he began his musical career as an instrumentalist in the church since he couldn’t afford studio sessions at the time.

On the most recent edition of the Leaderboard podcast, presented by Fisayo Fosudo, the music executive revealed this as a guest.

He remarked, “Dem Daddy Showkey, dem Baba Fryo, and a lot of all these Ajegunle singers that we looked up to are where my music inspiration stemmed from.

“I used to tell my men that I really just wanted to blow and be Daddy Showkey when I first started creating music because everywhere you went in the country, you would hear, “If you see my mom, hosanna” or “Somebody yell my name, Showkey.”

“Trust me, these are national anthems in the lyrics. I was pretty much set on doing it. I thus used to perform musical instruments at church. It was the only location where you could…Except if you want to visit studios, which would be expensive. We couldn’t afford to attend sessions at the time. Therefore, the church is the ideal location to find free equipment. You go and do gospel first instead of the ragga or the reggae.

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