I should have been more arrogant – Joeboy

March 2nd, 2024 2:06 pm

I should have been more arrogant – Joeboy

Joeboy, the stage name of Nigerian artist Joseph Akinfenwa Donus, has admitted he wishes he were “more arrogant.”

He admitted that he occasionally feels as though he ought to brag about his musical prowess because other people frequently take his composure for granted.

This was said by the singer of “Baby” on his most recent Body & Soul podcast.

What might I have done differently, Joeboy questioned? Be more haughty, in my opinion [laughs]. since you guys don’t respect one another. When you are consistently calm, people tend to assume you are not that person or anything like. Although it is absurd, it is what it is.

“I thought I ought to have boasted more about my accomplishments because, to be honest, I didn’t really achieve. However, it is what it is. We develop and learn. One thing I will now do that I wish I had done back then is that.

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