I make kumkum music, not afrobeats – Whitemoney

February 23rd, 2024 8:02 am

I make kumkum music, not afrobeats – Whitemoney

Hazel Oyeze Onou, better known by his stage name Whitemoney, won Big Brother Naija Season 6 and is a singer.

The reality star, whose music has drawn harsh criticism, claimed that his sound was distinct from afrobeats.

He claimed that although his music is classified as “KumKum music,” highlife is an element of it.

On the most recent episode of The House Chronicles podcast, he revealed this.

I’m not even trying to do afrobeats, Whitemoney declared. Highlife will undoubtedly be incorporated into any afrobeats I do. And my kind of highlife isn’t your typical variety.

“Kumkum music is my preferred style of highlife, you know. Cool United Melodies is playing. It is highlife in the modern day. You can sway to highlife regardless of the genre. Within the bar or club, you vibe them.

“My next drop, my next production, is different. The sound will be audible. It is not typical. To make it more interesting, we added a few things. It doesn’t merely proceed in the same manner as that ancient people-only deep highlife.

“I required a sound that would allow me to flex my voice perfectly. My voice lacks tenor. I needed a song that I could play around with and sing whenever it suited me. I just got to that [kumkum music] in that way.

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