I dont mind going to my grave without reconciling with Basketmouth – AY

February 15th, 2024 3:09 am

I dont mind going to my grave without reconciling with Basketmouth – AY

Ayodeji Makun, or AY, a Nollywood actor and comedian, declared he had given up trying to make amends with Basketmouth, a longtime foe in the business.

According to DAILY POST, the two were involved in a dispute 17 years ago over AY’s alleged unpaid N30,00 due to Basketmouth, which the latter rejected and emphasized that they had never been friends.

In a recent interview with Teju Babyface, AY, who claimed he has been trying to make amends with Basketmouth for years, stated he no longer cares about carrying their feud to his grave.

He added that his efforts to make amends with Basketmouth are known to their senior colleagues, who also advised him to cease when Basketmouth became obstinate.

The bros, AY’s senior colleagues in the comedy business, were aware of my spat with Basketmouth, and eventually they had to beg me to slow down. ‘You’re doing too much,’ they said. You are exerting too much effort to make this work. Friendship cannot be compelled.

“I was of the opinion that this could not work. Even in my final stand-up performance, I was had to perform another bit called “My guy.” How is my guy doing? I like this man. Tell him you’re my guy if you see him. Then, the next morning, there was another explosion everywhere. “We don’t get along. We’re not like that. We are not like that.

“As a result, I’m not pushing anything now for me. As long as I don’t get to sit down with any of these men to say “hello, “hi,” as AY, I will be OK.

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