Fuel subsidy: Long queues resurface in Osun

April 15th, 2024 10:48 pm

Fuel subsidy: Long queues resurface in Osun

Long lines have returned to the majority of gas stations in Osogbo, the capital of Osun State, three days after President Bola Ahmed Tinubu declared the suspension of the fuel subsidy regime.

At several fuel stations, vehicle owners could be seen hastily scurrying for open spaces as they engaged in panic buying.

This is happening despite the Osun State Government’s caution to marketers not to mention Premium Motor Spirit, or PMS.

According to reliable evidence the government provided, certain petroleum markers planned to stockpile the commodity, which was both unpatriotic and a form of sabotage.

Additionally, it insisted that the Special Monitoring Team on Fuel Scarcity was still functional and would exercise its authority without hesitation.

During his Monday inauguration, President Tinubu announced the suspension of the fuel subsidy system.

According to Tinubu, the regime must go because it is currently unsustainable in Nigeria.

According to information obtained by DAILY POST, DPR agents briefly sealed off the Oduoye petrol station in Fakunle Area on Tuesday because it was trying to sell fuel for more than N250.

Customers had to step in and convince the DPR to open the station and allow for business.

Along the Gbongan-Ibadan road in Osogbo, lengthy lines were also seen at the Adolak and Matrix gas stations.

Jamiu Mohammed, a client, claimed that in the majority of the gas stations he visited, he intermittently saw gasoline being sold.

“I observed that after a period of selling fuel, they would pause and wait for further instructions from their superiors.

“Panic was caused by customers simply hopping from one gas station to another in search of the product.”

Wasiu Akintunde, a commercial transporter, admitted that he was forced to stand in line with his coworkers to get gas for his car.

“The majority of my coworkers are waiting in line at gas stations to purchase the good at the official price before it inevitably increases.

“Whenever gasoline subsidies are eliminated, all we ask for is a break. We don’t want any more suffering than we already have,” he stated.

Steven Adeleke claimed he was rushing to fill up his car with gas in order to avoid the anticipated hike in pump prices.

It’s going to become worse. When it occurs, I will at least have a certain amount accessible for use before I begin to feel the impact, whether it is favorable or unpleasant.

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