Fuel subsidy: Ajaero NLC, TUC acting LP, Peter Obi scripts – Onanuga alleges

March 4th, 2024 2:53 am

Fuel subsidy: Ajaero NLC, TUC acting LP, Peter Obi scripts – Onanuga alleges

Former Bola Tinubu, Kashim Shettima Presidential Campaign Council member Bayo Onanuga has urged Nigerians, especially workers, to disregard Joe Ajaero’s order for them to strike on the next Wednesday in protest of the elimination of the fuel subsidy.

Onanuga claimed Ajaero is acting out the opposition Labour Party’s, LP, script and playing the political game, alleging he is trying to topple President Bola Tinubu’s government.

Onanuga claimed in a post on his verified Twitter account on Friday that the NLC president is aware of the harrowing financial data that, in his opinion, demonstrate why subsidies should have been eliminated long ago.

Onanuga questioned whose interests Ajaero was advancing, saying that he (Ajaero) did not disagree with the LP’s position or that of Peter Obi, its presidential candidate, who he said promised to abolish subsidies from the start if elected.

Onanuga cited the N77 trillion national debt and the approximately N2.4 trillion owed to the NNPC Limited for prior subsidies as justification for why gasoline subsidies are no longer viable.

He urged Nigerians to “support the government as it works out new wages and rolls out other interventions, as promised by the President, to mitigate the effects of the new fuel price.”

The declaration said:

The NLC and TUC are soiled by politics.

Despite being aware of the heartbreaking financial data that supported why the petrol subsidy should have been eliminated a long time ago, NLC President Joe Ajaero has called on workers to strike on the following Wednesday. I would just advise the Nigerian people to avoid Ajaero and people of his caliber. He is engaging in political theater while actually acting out the opposition Labour Party’s plan to topple the fledgling Tinubu administration.

In addition, it is unclear whose interests Ajaero is advancing given that he supported the position of his Labour Party’s presidential candidate, who ran on a platform promising to eliminate subsidies immediately upon becoming office.

“The NLC and TUC leaders have known since November of last year that the subsidy will end on July 1 since there is no longer any funding for it in the budget.

“The Federal Government is not in a position to continue selling subsidised fuel, the majority of which is smuggled across our borders for illegal and obscenely disloyal profit. The Federal Government already devotes 96% of its revenue to servicing debt.

Fuel subsidies are no longer viable because the FG is practically bankrupt. It also owes the NNPC Limited roughly N2.4 trillion for previous subsidies in addition to its N77 trillion debt.

As the government develops new wages and implements other measures to lessen the consequences of the increased gasoline price, as promised by President Tinubu, the Nigerian people and its workforce should support it.

Don’t let the politically skewed and corrupt NLC and TUC use us as their pawns. Ajaero no longer serves as a labor leader. He is the Labour Party’s leader and a politician. He no longer speaks for all Nigerian workers.


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