EPL: Leave him to do his job – Joe Cole warns Chelsea over Pochettino

March 4th, 2024 9:24 am

EPL: Leave him to do his job – Joe Cole warns Chelsea over Pochettino

Joe Cole, a former attacking midfielder for Chelsea, has advised the team against meddling in Mauricio Pochettino’s managerial decisions.

He urged the supporters to support the manager and stated the Argentine should be given all the opportunities he requires at Stamford Bridge.

Some Chelsea supporters weren’t satisfied by Pochettino’s appointment as manager of the west London club after leading Tottenham.

Some supporters wanted Pochettino replaced with someone like former Barcelona manager Luis Enrique or former Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann.

Cole, however, thinks Pochettino’s hiring is great for Chelsea.

It’s a wise appointment, he told EUROSPORT. Because he is a coach who will contribute so much to the team, Chelsea supporters will need to get past the fact that he formerly managed a significant competitor.

He is a manager who will enjoy the challenge of bringing the team back to equilibrium. He fits many criteria: he enjoys dealing with young players, and his teams are vibrant and vivacious.

In his words, “It’s an exciting time, but he just needs to be left alone now to get on with the job, make sure they get players into the club that he wants to work with and that he feels are right for the team.”

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