Egungun festival: Osun CP reads riot act to traditionalists, Muslims

April 13th, 2024 9:40 am

Egungun festival: Osun CP reads riot act to traditionalists, Muslims

Patrick Kehinde Longe, the Osun Command’s Commissioner of Police, has issued a warning that he will not tolerate any breakdown of law and order in the state.

At a security meeting with Pa Kayode Esuleke, the custodian of the masquerade, and Alhaji Kasim Yunis, the chief imam of the Kamarudeen Mosque in Oke Baale, Osogbo, Longe issued this warning.

The meeting was scheduled for Friday, July 14, 2023—the day of the Egungun (masquerade) festival.

According to DAILY POST, on June 27, 2021, worshipers in masks in Osogbo allegedly attacked the Kamarudeen Central Mosque, which is situated in Oluode Aranyin.

The group had come together to plan a unique program for the country.

A mosque was allegedly stormed by the Egungun congregants during the violent confrontation, injuring roughly 13 mosque goers.

Moshood Salawudeen, the organization’s leader in Iwo, Osun State, was shot in the head and passed away before being taken to the hospital.

Longe, who emphasized the need to maintain law and order, pointed out that the festival was known for security lapses that put lives and property in danger.

He also asked the followers of both faiths to uphold harmony.

According to him, “This meeting is focused on the security of lives and property within your environs, having recalled the breakdown of security that typically occurred during the Egungun festivities/celebration in which another one is planned to begin on Friday, July 14, 2023.

“I will not support anything that may in any way lead to a breakdown of peace.

I implore you to uphold harmony and permit everyone to exercise their faith or belief.

Pa Esuleke told the head of the Osun police that there would be no issues in their individual responses.

Alhaji Kasim Yunis, the Chief Imam of the Kamarudeen Mosque, made a similar assurance on the peaceful coexistence of diverse religions.

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