All Nigerian artistes sound alike except me – Teni

February 22nd, 2024 11:11 pm

All Nigerian artistes sound alike except me – Teni

Teniola Apata, a.k.a. Teni D Entertainer, a Nigerian singer, claims that all of her contemporaries have the same sound.

She claims to be the only musician from Nigeria with a distinctive sound.

On Tuesday, she stated so during an Instagram live chat with followers.

The ‘No Days Off’ singer claimed that while the majority of her coworkers are aware of her distinction, they choose to act as though they are clueless of her abilities and specialness.

“All of una [Nigerian artists] dey sound the same,” she stated. Una dey do like claim they are deaf; they do not hear sound, oya na. I go drop another [other] sound.

“One-on-one, I’m f*cking clear, and you all know that. It is f*cking obvious. Everything is crystal clear. Stop the f*ck comparing me to no one; I have my own niche. I’m the only one who goes up with the microphone; I’m going to record an album now. And each of you is aware of that. You folks are aware of the fact.

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